Rates and payment methods

My rates depend on the size, of the number of animals and the choice or not of a background and/or its complexity.

Contact me describing what you wish on the portrait to get a precise quote.If you don’t know precisely what you would like, you can have an idea of my rates by downloading these rates sheets below.



I accept payments via PayPal and bank transfer.

Completion time

I need about 1 to 3 weeks to complete a custom order. It will depend on the commission complexity (background, number of animals, etc), on the eventual changes asked during the sketch stage, and on my current workload or availability.

Then, it is important to take into account a delay of at least 1 month before the date on which you would like to receive the portrait. I try my best to complete a portrait within the deadline requested (unless unrealistic), but I am not responsible of the delivery time and I can’t guarantee you the good reception of the portrait on the requested date.

During Christmas time, I invite you to contact me as soon as possible, in september or october (the sooner the better), to be certain to get the portrait on time !

Steps of a commission

1 – Contact me through the contact form or directly by email at hello[a]delphinedion.com to talk about your project and/or ask me for informations. You can already send me pictures of the animal(s). I will answer you as quickly as possible.

2 – I will communicate you a precise quote once your request well known.

3 – I ask the full payment or a down payment of 30% of the amount (only if the total amount of the order is more than 100 €) before starting anything. See the payment methods available.

4 – Sketch :

first quick thumbnail : determination of the pose of the animal(s) or the interactions between the different animals, the general composition, the background set up… The likeness of the drawing with the actual animal(s) is not very important at this step !

At this stage, you can ask me all the changes you want : poses modifications, changes in the composition, the portrait orientation (“landscape” or “portrait” orientation), etc. I can create several thumbnails depending on my inspiration and your requests (as far as is reasonable of course, I won’t create new thumbnails ad infinitum !).

I only do this step if the requested position isn’t on the reference pictures and/or if there is a background or several animals.

ebauche portrait chien - Delphine Dion

detailed sketch: once the thumbnail is validated, I create a more detailed sketch, at the final size scale. This is this sketch I will use to create the final portrait.

You can ask me for small changes only (position of a paw, a patch, an item, or some details to improve the likeness with the real animal, etc…). If you want bigger modifications(position of the animal, of its head, of the interaction between the animals, etc), I will ask for a price addition.

It is then very important to tell me precisely what you want during the first steps !

croquis détaillé portrait chien - Delphine Dion

5 – Once the sketch is validated, I can start the watercolor step. Once the watercolor step done, I can’t make any changes.

6 – Once you have validated the final artwork and paid the full amount, I can send the portrait through the French Post, by registered mail (delivered against signature). The original illustration is protected in a plastic sleeve to prevent from any water damage during shipping, and strengthened thanks to cardboard sheet, and put in a cardboard envelope. I give you the tracking number when I send you the portrait.

I am not responsible of the delivery time, which can be longer depending on your country, the time of year, or the sanitary situation. The delivery time for mainland France are about 3-5 days and about 2-3 weeks for the rest of the world. For Australia, the delays can be very long (up to 3 months).

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