This Privacy Policy applies to the website

The following Privacy Policy explains :

  • how personal datas are collected and treated. Personal datas are all the informations related to your identification : name, age, mailing address, email address, geographical localisation, IP address,
  • your rights on your personal datas,
  • who the responsible of the treatment of collected personal datas is,
  • to whom these datas are transmitted,
  • the website policy about “cookies” files.

This Privacy Policy complete the Legal Notices and the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Personal datas collect and process

Collected and processed datas and collection method

The personal datas collected on the website are the following :

– the informations related to your computer, your tablet or your smartphone, including your IP address, its geographical localisation, the search engine you used, its version and the operating system ;

– the informations you enter when logging in or when accepting to receive emails or newsletters from the website, such as your email address ;

– the informations about your visits and your use of the website, such as the source of reference, the duration of your visits, the pages you have seen ;

– the informations generated when you visit the website, such as the date, the frequency, and under which conditions the website is used ;

– the informations related to the purchases and/or the services used on the website, such as your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, banking details and/or credit card details ;

– the informations you indicate on the website with the intention of make them public on the Internet, like for example, the data related to the comments and reviews.

These data are collected when your do one of these following actions on the website :

– purchase of products on the online shop ;

– asking for informations via the contact form ;

– logging in on the website to create an account or to receive newsletters ;

– writing a comment via the guestbook form ;

The responsible of the datas treatment will retain in the website informations systems, and in reasonnable safety conditions, the collected datas for the following durations :

– accounting datas (name, mailing address, email address) : 10 years ;

– visits analysis cookies : 13 months ;

– inactive users datas : 36 months.

Personal datas are collected and processed in order to :

– administrate the website and the professional activity of the website editor ;

– allow the good use of the available services on the website ;

– send or return products or services purchased on the website ;

– send invoices, payment reminders and collect payments when a purchase is made on the website ;

– send newsletters if you have subscribed to it (you can unsubscribe at any time via a link in the emails) ;

– send promotional offers by email (you can end the sending of these offers by asking the editor by replying to one of the emails).

Data transfer to outside parties

The personal data collected through the website are transmitted to outside parties only when necessary for the treatment of the payments made on the website andd for the shipping of the orders placed on the website.


In case of a payment through PayPal, by credit card through PayPal, or debiting through PayPal, the payment data are transferred to PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, only if this is necessary for the payment treatment. The PayPal’s Privacy Policy is available at this link :


In case of a payment by credit card via the payment provider Stripe, the data related to your order are transferred to Stripe Payment Europe Ltd (surname, last name, bank details, credit card details, invoice amount). These data are transferred only if this is necessary for processing the payment with the provider Stripe. The Stripe Privacy Policy is available at this link :

French Post

The shipping of the orders is made only with the French Post. Name, mailing address, possibly email address and phone number, may be communicated to the French Post to process the shipping of the orders. The Privacy Policy of the French Post is available at this link :

Data hosting

The website is hosted by O2Switch, whose head office is located at this address :

224 Bd Gustave Flaubert, 63000 CLERMONT FERRAND, FRANCE

The host can be contacted at this phone number : 438 800-2717 in United Kingdom and on the webiste

The data collected and treated by the website are only hosted and treated in France.

Website security

This website uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology for security reasons and to protect the tranmission of personal data, as well as other confidential informations. The encrypted connection is recognizable by the character string “https://” and/or the lock symbol in the navigation bar.

Responsible of data treatment

The responsible of the personnal data treatment is the website editor, Delphine Dion. He can be contacted by email at hello[a] He is charged with determining the purposes and the means put at the service of personal data treatment.

He takes the responsibility of protecting the collected personnal data, of not transferring them to other parties witthout you being informed and respecting the purposes for which the date are collected. He also commits to inform you in case of correction or suppression of some data, unless it causes for him disproportionate formalities, costs and procedures.

In case the integrity, the confidentiality or the security of the personal data is compromised, the responsible of the treatement will inform you by any means possible.

Users rights

You have the rights enumerated here, in accordance with the rules related to personal data treatment :

  • Right of access (Art.15, RGPD)
  • Right of rectification (Art. 16, RGPD)
  • Right of erasing data ( Art. 17, RGPD)
  • Right of data limitations (Art. 18, RGPD)
  • Right of data portability (Art. 20, RGPD)
  • Right of opposition and automated individual desicion making (Art. 20 (4), RGPD)
  • Right of opposition (Art. 21, RGPD)

Use of Cookies files

For esthetic and practical purposes, the website uses Cookies.

A Cookie is a small file used by the web browsers, which allows to save your informations during browsing a website. They are mostly used to save your browsing session. These files also allow to process the statistics and the informations on the traffic, to ease the browsing activity on the website and improve the service for your comfort.

For the use of Cookies implying the backup and the analysis of personal data, your consent is necessarily asked.

Your consent is condsidered as valid for a duration of 13 months maximum. At the end of this duration,, the website will ask you again your athorization to save Cookies on your device.

Opposition of Cookies use by the website

Non essential Cookies for the proper functioning of the website are saved on your device only after you consent to it. You can oppose to the saving of these cookies by configuring your web browser.

You can find the procedures to follow to configure your web browser at these links :

If you decide to disable the cookies, you can continue browsing on the webiste. However, any dysfunction of the website induced by the manipulation couldn’t be considered being the fault of the website editor.

"Google Analytics" Cookies

The website collects informations via a Google Analytics Cookie, in order to know the statistics about the website and measure the traffic on the website.

The Google Privacy Policy is available at this link :

Conditions of modifications to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy can be consulted at any time here : privacy-policy/(ouvre un nouvel onglet)

The website editor can modify it in order to stay in conformity with the current law. Therefore, you are invited to consult this Privacy Policy regularly to stay informed of the last changes.

The last update of the Privacy Policy was made on April 24th, 2021.

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