Delphine Dion Senegal

My inspirations

Nature is an endless source of inspiration. Clouds ballet, season change, the ambiance of a misty morning by a river, sun rays through the leaves of an oak tree, the song of a blackbird during summer evenings… All those special moments give the urge to draw and share my emotions. Simultaneously, traditionnal and modern folkloric art of some tribes fascinates me. I love the simple and graphic way they stylize the natural elements surrounding them.

A white piece of paper, an animal species, a plant species, a color palette… It doesn’t need much more for me to imagine a life scene of a woodland mammal or a butterfly on its host plant.

Loire River Autumn France - Delphine Dion
Insects biodiversity photography - Delphine Dion

For a long time, I find interactions between differents natural elements very interesting. Species diversity and their co-evolution will always amaze me. This is in fact this interest which make me first choose to study ecology. However, I quickly come back to drawing, an important way for me to express my soft and poetic vision of Nature.

In my artworks, realism mixes with naivety, my naturalist rigor meet my artistic liberty. All this creates my own unique style, which can easily be used for public awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation.

My engagements

Concerned about animal and environnemental protection, I choose my art supplies cautiously. I select brands who doesn’t use animal products in their products (paints, papers,…), and use only synthetic hair brushes. I also try to choose small businesses to buy my art supplies, and local as much as possible. I aim as well to ban completely plastic in my orders packaging. For now, as I have not find good alternative yet, I still use plastic sleeves to protect the paintings and prints from humidity. It is an every day engagement, sometimes difficult to keep because informations are not always to find.

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